Friday, 11 March 2016

Please Keep Calm, Renovations in progress. 

I think you have notice that I haven't been posting anything lately, that is because I am restructuring the blog.

What started as just a blog about complaining about my veggie life, has given birth to something bigger than I had imagined. In my head I want to do a lot with this blog, besides complain about the treatment I get from people as a fat girl and a black vegetarian. I want this blog to be a reference point for some people. So until I am satisfied with my plans and structure for the blog, you will have to re-read and re-share what is currently available.

Thank you for the love that you have been showing the blog. I might change the domain or even the name. I am not sure, however, Burnt Veggie will stay forever. This is a change that the blog needs and deserves.

Onwards and Upwards :)


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Potatoes will be the death of me. 

So while I was assessing my wonderful life as a vegetarian I noticed that I am always fed potatoes because people never know what I can be fed.

I eat almost everything that is not meat right? now people assume that potatoes are all I eat. I have had potatoes of all kinds. Boiled, mashed, loaded, roasted, whole, halved, cubed, diced, fried and sometimes a tad bit raw. I stopped eating rice and all other starch, so for some reason people assume that I need all the starch I can get which, in this case, is potatoes. I have a strong hate for them now.  

So now because I grew tired of potatoes I tried to find alternatives to eating them. I eat carrots (which are normally very sweet and I can't handle them.), pumpkin (which generally tastes rather weird.), Sweet potato ( well, they are SWEET POTATOES!!! I can't!). As you can see I complain about every veg that might replace this one I claim to hate. This is a big issue right? Spuds make me sick, potatoes I can't say.

I need help! I need more veggies that will replace these ones I have complaints about. I need to accept what the earth gives me. Guys, I need help! Potatoes will be the death of me. Struu Bob! These wonderful root vegetables will be the death of me and I can't find anything ( I can't not complain) about some of the other root vegetables or any veg that might replace the potatoes.

Potatoes will be the death of me but at this moment, they are the life of me. I am happy, or at least I show that.

Onwards and Upwards :)


Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Theory of the Burnt Toast

I know, I am a burnt veggie but this one is the one. Burnt toast. Actually anything that is bread and is burnt is the best.

So here is my story. I love food and everyone probably knows this and because I love food, I explore a lot with my food. I fall in love with something new everyday. So now you wonder why burnt toast right? here is the story:

This one morning I forgot to put the toaster on low heat you know because well I just wanted it to be like browner than it was. So a few minutes later my toast was burnt. It was black and not brown. I didn't freak out, I ate it and it was most delicious thing I have ever eaten in like ever.

Now that I have found my gold and can freely eat it, comes the question, is it safe? Well I don't care how I will die but if it is somehow food induced please know that I died veeeeeeeeeery happy.

So here is my theory:

The best food is burnt or old (sat in the fridge for longer than normal). They always look inedible and other people do not eat it (you can actually have your food in peace, they will pull faces and you will enjoy your meal.) these meals are rare gems that not everyone will get the chance to enjoy. These meals can be had anytime, no rules.

With all this said, please go out there and find your Burnt Toast and stop mocking mine (Motshewa and Royzane). Now That I have been speaking about it, I deserve some burnt toast.

Onwards and Upwards :)


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Fat Vegetarian

People will always make you feel like you're not what you see in the mirror. One has to always psych themselves before posting a picture online or wearing a pair of nice fitting shorts. 

I recently did a semi-nude shoot with a good photographer friend (not sure if he is as good a friend as he is a photographer) Lutendo (@luu_artphotography, check his work out on Instagram). The pictures of this very shoot were not supposed to be seen by the public but then I thought that maybe if a fat girl like me can show other fat girls that they can and should be proud with their shapes then why not show the pictures. 

It was a very fun shoot. Luu is professional and makes sure you're comfortable while he takes the pictures. (Ehh Luu, ewallet can be sent through, no free advertising.). I thought that I would maybe freeze during the shoot however, I had too much fun. 

As a fat girl growing up, I hated how my stretch marks looked and how people I did not know looked at me. Obviously, one always has insecurities and these often consume ones thoughts. These insecurities manifest from external forces that are exerted by people who, in their own right, also have insecurities. The way in which people are forced to think that fat people are lazy, ugly and always have to wear clothes that are two sizes too big, is the main reason so many fat people are generally shy or do not have a lot of friends. 

Our society is a thin society or it possesses a 'everybody should be thin' mentality which messes with a lot of people's mindsets. People figure that if you don't have a thin body then you are not beautiful. They assume that as a fat girl you cannot get the guys they get or even dress up better than them. Speaking from experience, one gets all kinds of looks when dressed a certain type of way. This was how I felt before 2015. I always thought that to be part of the society I had to be thin. Now I know better and will stay fat and fabulous. 

The shoot was for me to finally show that I have accepted my body and shape. That I love how I was created. I am finally proud to say that I am a Mindful, Fat Vegetarian living it large. I am having fun and enjoying the journey. 

I will post more Burnt Veggie related stuff as time goes on. It was festive therefore, stories are plenty. 

Onwards and Upwards :) 


Below are some of the pictures Luu shot. Look, love and book Luu (again, ewallet nyana Luu, no free advertising here.)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tennis biscuits and custard

We can officially say that the year is coming to an end because I got my Christmas food. 

Growing up my grandmother would always buy Tennis Biscuits and Cold Drink. It was our dessert and we loved it, I mean who wouldn't love such beautiful food? I mean... 

Anyway I want to tell you about this beautiful food I was introduced to by Nontsikelelo Nkombisa when we used to stay together theeeeeeere very far. She bought custard and tennis biscuits and she has some. There I was obviously wanting some. She game me... I have never been so taken far by food. She spread the custard on the tennis biscuits and there we were licking our lips and fingers. 

Today, I bought some and had some and there I was trying not to cry because it was just too nostalgic. I missed uMantsikiza, I know she probably doesn't have anymore because I'm not near her. 

We had this once, but this was the best thing to ever bring us together. Ruru, thanks for introducing me to this nice thing. This will be my Christmas meal. 

Onwards and Upwards :) 


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Roy's Loaded Potatoes... 

I wish I could leave this post without anything else because Roy's loaded potatoes are indescribable. The taste, the look, the overall beauty. Oh goodness. 

Roy is a beautiful and bubbly lady I love with all my heart. No, not because she makes me good food but because she is very cool, I mean very cool. She made me a salad once, the simple gesture of food touching my mouth became an adventure I did not want to end. Well because this salad was too nice. Anyway, she then made loaded potatoes that had sun dried tomatoes, cheese and well halved, soft and un-mashed potatoes and these were heavenly. I had a foodgasm and a half when I had the first bite, please keep in mind that I said bite, imagine the whole plate of food. The plate was filled with other things but these loaded potatoes were the star of the meal. 

She keeps bringing some and each time I have them I just cannot believe that these are the same potatoes. The taste is always different. I love that, a lot. We fall in and out of love with food from time to time and to this day I can honestly say that I haven't fallen in love with any meal like I did with Roy's Loaded Potatoes. 

Upwards and Onwards :)


Monday, 30 November 2015

21 days of Kelebration (The celebration of Kele)

*disclaimer: not about my struggles or triumphs of being a BurntVeggie just Kelebrations

Tomorrow, the 1st of December is not only the first day of December, it is the beginning of the most busiest and nicest months of the year after well last December. It is also the first day of my birthday month. This is not only my favourite month of the year but the only month I feel extra special and important. So I decided that this year I will have 21 days of Kelebration. It is essentially a celebration of Kelebogile. On this post I will be giving you some pointers on why I think Kelebogile should or could be Kelebrated.

Here are some of the reasons: 

  1. Kele. cares. for. everyone. 
  2. Kele is cool with everyone, even those she doesn't like. 
  3. Kele has an infectious laughter 
  4. Kele's presence fills a room with genuine and pure aura
  5. Kele is very spiritual and is unapologetic about it. 
  6. Kele is loud, proud and opinionated. 
  7. Kele is just who she is, Kele, no artificial modifications 
  8. Kele is a vegetarian living it large.

 Some ideas for my gifts... or rather the gifts I would appreciate for the 21 days of Kelebration are: 
  • Book voucher
  • New CD's ( genres; hip hop, house, dub and jazz)
  • New BLACK sneakers 
  • New dresses
  • New sandals
  • Hugs
  • Love
  • Muffins
  • Cake 
  • Macrons
  • Laughter

If you have more reasons why to celebrate Kele then feel free to share. Also feel free to surprise Kele with any gift you want to during this time. 


Onwards and Upwards